The Edge of the Knife

Of Course It's Snakes

On the way to Laugharne the party ran across an apparent acquaintance of Nestor’s: the garishly dressed Ajax. He let slip of a treasure that he’d been searching for and Nestor concocted a daring plan to stick him in the eye by nabbing the treasure from under his nose. The party navigated the temple where the Head of the Golden Orc resided and recovered it after defeating its guardian. However, upon leaving the temple Ajax and his “associates” Feran and Thiera accosted them and took the Head. Regaining consciousness later, the party licked their wounds and continued to Laugharne.

Heading down the road toward Laugharne you see a small encampment just out of the way. Nestor looks over there and curses, “Just my luck…Ajax.”

One of them, a tall human dressed in flamboyant, garishly-colored clothes, looks up from where he’s unpacking a saddlebag and sees you.

“Is that Nestor? Yoohoo dear! I must say, what a surprise to see you out here. You simply must introduce me to your friends. Have you come to look for the Head of the Golden Orc as well?”

Let the party respond here. Ajax is classic camp gay, and there’s some definite foe yay from his side toward Nestor.

“Oh, I hope I didn’t give too much away then.” Ajax motions toward his companions, “My fellows here are Feran and Thiera, my hired help in case things take a wrong turn. Be a couple of dears and introduce yourselves, hmm?”

They look up from their tasks and nod curtly.

“So rude!” he mutters. “Why don’t you stop here for the night with us? I would surely love this chance to discuss matters with Nestor here.”

If the players don’t want to, have him insist…strongly.

Night falls and you let Ajax’s companions take the first two watches, grateful for this chance to get a full night’s sleep. After the second watch, Nestor wakes you all up. “Wow, I really hate that guy. I managed to get some good information from him though. He’s here looking for the Head of the Golden Orc that’s apparently stuck in some ancient elven temple as these things are wont to be. He let slip where the temple is located. What say we go nab it from under his nose. I’d just love to see the look on his face when he gets to the city empty-handed and sees that I’ve donated it to the museum.”



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