The Edge of the Knife

Massive Update

The party, having succeeded in ousting Sulla the Corpulent, takes this opportunity to split. Sophia and Sordin took an offer to join the crew of one of the airships based out of Laugharne. After a farewell breakfast Captain Hans gave the remaining members of the party a job to go secure supplies for the trip.

As Lazlo and Axel headed for the ranch they had been instructed to go to they ran across a Human and a Half-elf harassing a young female Tiefling. The party stopped the harassment and through a combination of greed and divine intervention, all three joined up with the group on the trip to the ranch.

Upon reaching the ranch it was clear that some unpleasantness had occurred. Some of the animals and ranch hands were dead, and there was a giant hole in the pasture. Lured by the promise of free supplies the group ventured into the hole, where they found demon possessed pigs and a flaming-steer-skeleton-summoning minotaur who was apparently recently the ranch’s prized bull. Upon removing these menaces, they received free supplies and split the money they were to use to pay for the food amongst themselves.

With supplies in hand the party set off on their voyage. Just out of sight of Laugharne they were set upon by pirates. The pirates were fought off in a tense boarding action, and a surprise was found below-decks. In the hold was an unconscious, tied-up, beaten Thiera, the ranger accomplice of Axel. She was brought aboard the Centennial Raptor while the party decided what to do with her.

During the night, while asleep, the group, unbeknownst to them, slipped deeper into unconsciousness. When they awoke, they found themselves in a mysterious building full of confusing passageways, ghastly monsters and signs of an Orc presence. After clearing out the accessible parts of the dungeon they entered a room in which poorly treated prisoners of various civilized races were writhing in agony. After seeing through the illusion it became clear that the prisoners were all orcs and that there was a female orc in tribal regalia whipping them while crying and silently saying “I’m sorry.” in Orcish repeatedly. When the party attempted to stop her everything went black.



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