The Edge of the Knife

Free Range Adventurers

The party arrived in Laugharne and, after some dalliances with airships, sought their promised ship. They found the ship and the crew, but no captain. After tracking down Captain Hans to Miss Aisley’s Cantina they found him unwilling to leave the city because he didn’t wish to incur the wrath of Sulla the Corpulent, a notable local gang boss to whom the captain owed a large sum of money. The party tried to reason with Sulla, but couldn’t get past his goon. They then tried to go to the authorities, but found that Sulla apparently had too much power over the local government to make that a viable option. With no other recourse they concocted a daring plan to unite the lesser gangs and take Sulla head-on. The party met Sal “Skins”, the leader of the Chatty Cathys on the streets of the dock district. He introduced them to Benny the half-orc, who suggested they talk to Remy, the owner of the Four Copper Whore brothel and a noted information broker. In exchange for rescuing a pair of Remy’s girls that Sulla was holding, Sulla’s business ledgers and, oddly, Sulla’s right hand, Remy provided the party with some information about Sulla’s operations and suggested they contact Frankie, the head of the Bruisers, for some muscle.

You crest a small rise and see the port city of Laugharne sitting idyllically on the coast, the River Cadnant wending its way through the heart of the city. The docks are obviously bustling with longshoremen loading cargo into the ships sitting in stately rows with their sails furled. Above the docks rise the residential and business districts, roughly tiered by income with the highest classes removing themselves from the noise of the shipping operations. Interspersed with the lavish manors of the local nobility are various government buildings and public works in marble. Sitting somewhat away from the city along the river are a cluster of large buildings. As best you can tell they appear to have retractable roofs.

1) If the party heads to find their ship at the docks the crew tells them that they’ll need to find the captain and convince him to set sail. The crew thinks that he’s drowning his sorrows in one of the local dives, Miss Aisley’s Cantina.

You walk in off the street and are immediately assaulted by a blast of hot, humid air carrying a scent best described as “indescribable”, or maybe “eye-watering”. The odor seems to be coming from the rugged, racially diverse clientele.

Let the party try to find him.

You slide into the chairs around the table with a haggard looking man, though you suspect with a bit of scrubbing he could eventually be described as roguishly handsome.

Captain Hans won’t set sail without settling his debts with local gangster Sulla the Corpulent. If he sees me trying to skip town I’m a dead man, but I need some serious coin to get him off my back.

Work this into the conversation somehow, maybe Nestor asks about it. Is she a fast ship? You’ve never heard of the Centurion Raptor? I’m the one who made the Ashby Run in less than twelve days.

Sulla’s base of operations is a warehouse down by the docks. If the party members just want to go see what they can do for him, have Nestor suggest working with the authorities.

2) If the party heads to the middle or high class neighborhoods, everybody on the street is up in arms over the proposed construction of a thieves’ guild hall and the ratification of their charter. The citizens are upset because the thieves steal from them, but the government is under pressure from various mob bosses, including one Sulla the Corpulent, to provide some official sanction for their actions to get the authorities off them.

3) If the party goes for the airship hangars, have them get a nice tour of the facilities. The hangars appear to be dry docks, but the ships they contain have no sails and instead are covered in a variety of propellers, rotors and gears. The airships work by converting low level spells that operate the complex mechanical systems of the ship. These spells are maintained by a rotating crew of wizards, and the technical parts have their own maintenance teams. So far they’ve managed to get speeds up to about equivalent to sailing ships and altitudes up to a few hundred feet. One of the airships in the complex is the first purpose built commercial hull, as opposed to a converted ship hull.



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